New Packages for Clients! 新包裝開箱文!




早前我挑了三位客戶朋友作白老鼠 😛 她們收到禮物都很高興啊!其中一位事前還毫不知曉,更是驚喜!現在就來拆解這份小禮物包含甚麼:

Today I would like to introduce the little gift in our new packages!

As I am totally not really famous, it’s a fate that clients could find me, and I even become friends with some of them – I feel really thankful. With this little gift, I thank them for appreciation and support.

A while ago I picked 3 clients for a trial 😛 Glad that they were excited to receive the gifts, and one of them is really surprised as she did not know she would get a mail from me! Let’s see what’s inside:







According to different packages or services, it includes different quantity of 4R prints. To be honest I don’t print myself, yet the far-away printing shop was highly recommended by my university photographer professor, and its quality is not worse than a famous lab in the states! Each set of prints also includes a sheet of photo corner stickers for DIY purpose.

And don’t forget my ugly hand-written thank card…





Last but not least, here comes the “wooden block”. It is actually a photo stand. (I was so worried nobody could understand). After testing, horizontal stands better than vertical photos, but I still recommend to put a thicker card behind (eg. my thank you card.) If you don’t need a photo stand, it can be a stand for memo paper, name card or whatever.

Hope you will like this little gift, especially the wooden block. 😛


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